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 "Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
- Linus Torvalds

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Our Products

Introducing our Android App Helper Plus. A lightweight android app with a suite of tools. The tools included in Helper Plus are:

Helper Plus

  • Light -  The inbuilt torch light tool to turn your Android device into a nifty lamp.
  • Speaker -  The new message reader tool reads your text messages without even opening your message box!
  • Battery - A useful Battery consumption and energy management tool to elongate your device's battery life.
  • Cleaner - A memory management tool which helps you to maintain device memory consumption by apps. Say, Goodbye to slow devices!
  • Information - Keep yourself informed in detail about your device configuration and other details with this tool.
  • Restart Message - This is an Anti-Theft tracker tool which return identifier, sim details and other information of your device when it's restarted.
  • Contacts - Advanced tool to create, backup, organize and maintain your on contacts easily.
  • Application - This tool provides you all information on your installed apps and even other apps available via the Google Play store.
  • Color Picker - A tool designed specially for the artist in you! Select any image or picture and identify exact colors, color values and color name with this tool.
  • Notepad++ - And, last but, not the least, the Notepad tool to make quick notes in text files, which are extremely portable and easy to use on any system, be it Linux, windows or mac.
Hurry and download now! Available on Google Play.
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