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Welcome to the Hub. The hub was built to collect, discuss, explain and share varied projects, programs, tutorials and examples between coders. It's emphasis on unique computer programming projects and content plays a central role in assisting both new students, beginners and professionals alike.

The Coder's Hub is a user contribution driven approach and gives an excellent platform to coding enthusiasts and professionals to share and showcase their work while gaining constructive critique, audience and feedback. Feel free to share your articles and projects by emailing us on and we'll give a place to your works on the Hub. You can also get in touch with us via our contacts.
 "Talk is cheap. Show me the code."
- Linus Torvalds

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1. Daily Status Earn Money: The app is basically for social media app's post with earning money. View/Share/Upload status and get points daily which can easily convert into money. The app has always interesting contests to earn extra money.

2. Master in AndroidThe app contains all Android tutorials & examples and tools for helping Android programmers. Tutorials ares based on Kotlin, Java, SQLite languages and Android development. Tools contains Kotlin IDE to run Kotlin code online, Java to Kotlin converter, Code Editor and Color Picker. The app is basically for Android developers.

3. Namaz Guide: Only for Muslim Bro/Sis to guide how to do Gushl, Wudu, etc. and how to perform Namaz. The app contains Quran which user can easily read Quran offline and many things to learn like Adhan, four Quls, Aytul Kursi, Islamic Calendar, Muslim Holidays, Prayer Times, Adhan Alarm, Qibla Direction, etc.

4. FM India Radio: This app is basically for FM Radio Lovers who love to listen radios online. Specially for Indian users to listen all famous stations online.

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