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Android is an operating system based on modified Linux kernel. It was designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers but now this coming in TV, Wear. Auto and other systems also. Initially developed by Android, Inc., Google later bought in 2005.

Google announced Kotlin as an official language so I will convert each post to Kotlin with Android, now Java is old with Android. Kotlin comes with lots of features like reduces boilerplate code, provides null safety, 100% interoperable with Java and Android, supports higher functions, supports lambda expression, supports string template and many things as Kolin comes from industry not academia.

I have provided many examples here so before starting, download android studio from Android developer site. I will convert all posts with Kotlin programming as soon as possible. Keep updated with our YouTube channel as well as I published many videos there and will publish more videos according to update.

I have created Master in Android app which contains Android tutorials and tools to help all Android developers. Best things in app is that you can "Run Kotlin or Convert Java to Kotlin code".

Below are Android Code Examples, Tutorials and projects to make android applications:

Event organized by coders hub:-


Warnings/ Errors/Needs:-

★ Warning: No DNS servers found in Android Eclipse

★ Run two or more instances of emulator at a time

Emulator error at runtime: std::bad_alloc

Tutorials with code examples for Beginner Android Developers:-

★  Set text, text color, image using Java

Print numbers from 1 to 100 in ScrollView

★ Change image when we click on buttons

★ Change image when we click on a single button

★ Take numbers from EditText and add them and display on TextView

★ Make Temperature conversion application

Create Menu using XML

Create Menu using Java

★ Access Call, Camera, Web pages

★ Open Second Activity using Intent

Make any column invisible in Table layout

Android Alert Dialog Box

Send large SMS using SMS Manager

Create List and perform Actions on it

Create Auto Complete Text

Create Spinner and perform Action on it

Create Context Menu and perform action in Android

Open File from SDcard

Play Video or Audio from SDcard

Play mp3 file from a project folder

Android app Share, Rate and Share screenshot options

Tutorials with code examples for Advanced Android Developers:-

Android SQLite Database Tutorial with Example

★ Enable and Disable WiFi

★ Enable and Disable Bluetooth

★ Get Latitude, Longitude and Address of current Location

Use Sensor | Motion detection

Convert Text to Speech

Android Shared Preferences Example

Perform action on any Hardware button

Get all mobile Contacts

Get battery level using Broadcast Receiver

Display Time using Broadcast Receiver

Call log details after ending call using ContentObserver & PhoneStateListener

★ In Android app Screen-shots and ListView tricks

Extract APK File into Source Code (Java code and XML code)

★ Add Google AdMob Ads in Android App & Earn Money

★ Add Facebook SDK in Android Application

Android Twitter Fabric SDK Integration with user details in Android Studio

★ Advance Android Google Map 2 Tutorial with Examples - Part 1

★ Sign Android Application and Publish on Google Play

Android Projects with download link:-

★ Swipe Left and Right using Gesture Detection Project

★ Custom Left-Right and Up-Down Slide Show Project

★ Android Chat Application Project

★ Student result automation Project

★ Facebook like slide show project

★ Android Login, Registration page with SQLite Project

★ Android Login,Register page with MySQL and PHP Project 

★ Get SIM number on mobile restart Project

★ Gmail like Navigation drawer Project

★ Android Date & Time Picker Project.

Call log details after ending Call

In Android app Screen-shots and ListView tricks

★ Advance Android Google Map 2 Tutorial with Examples - Part 2

If you have any project or tutorial to share than send me via mail: or if you have any problem or suggestion to this site visit contact us page. Share and help with all developers.
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