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Automata (means self-acting) is a self operating machine or Robot and study of mathematical properties of Automata is called Automata theory. it is mostly used in compiler designing, artificial intelligence, parsing, etc.

These are a few examples of Automata:
1) Nondeterministic/Deterministic Finite Automata
2) Deterministic pushdown Automata
3) Turing Machine
4) Muller Automata
5) Pushdown Automata etc.

See the following list of Automata programs:

Find out First and Follow in a given Grammar

★ Regular Grammar

SLR Parser

Context Free Grammar (CFG)

DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata)

NFA (Non-Deterministic Finite Automata)

Convert NFA to DFA

Lexical Analyzer

★ Syntax Tree

Calculate In and Out

Eliminate productions in a Grammar that do not produce Terminal

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