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C is the procedural programming paradigm which follows a top-bottom approach and is very complexity to use. So, to overcome this complexity we came with the new programming language knows as c++ which follows a bottom-top approach but which is not portable. So, to over this disadvantage in c++ ....we went with a new languages called Java which is portable, secure, system independent.etc.. Java, the language that has taken the computer world by storm, is an object-oriented programming language. Here are a few basic codes to help you gain command over the language.

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Download Java Interview Questions-Answers

Maintaining a student records Database using File Handling

Insert,delete and display Dequeue

Insert,delete and display Circular Queue

Insert,delete and display Linear Queue

Insert,delete and display elements from Stack 

Display the solution of Towers of Hanoi using recursion

Convert a number into words

Reverse a word or sentence ending with '.' using recursion

Convert Decimal to Octal

Convert Decimal to Binary

Print the Factorial of a number using recursion

Print the possible combination of a string

Generate Fibonacci series using recursion

Find the HCF & LCM of two numbers using recursion

Find the sum of the following series using recursion : 12 + 22 + 32 +.......+ n2

Find the sum of Natural numbers up to a given number using Recursion

Calculate the Power of a number using recursion

Print the Initials of a name

Find the frequency of each character in a string

Arrange the letters of a word in alphabetical order

Find the pig Latin equivalent of a word 

Change Lowercase letters to Uppercase and vice-versa in a string

Check whether a string is a Palindrome or not  

Check the number of Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, numerals, vowels, spaces & special characters in a string

Read the date, day and year

Read a Date and give the day number 

Multiply two Matrices 

Search an element using Linear Search or Binary Search  

Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort and Quick Sort  

Implement RSA Algorithm

Implement MD5 Algorithm

Send and Receive Text or Image file | Client-Server Programe

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