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University students have a lot of projects to do at a time. During my student life, I also had many projects of different subjects to do at a time. One day I was sitting in a Computer Lab and was trying to find a code for my Lab project. I didn't have time to do it myself because I had a viva that day and I had to prepare for it. After a vain effort of about an hour, I found nothing useful. I failed to get the exact code or even a similar code. One of the websites only had the title of that program but didn't have any code. Another website had the code which I wanted. But when I tried to run the program, it had so many bugs and errors.

It was then that I came across this idea that one day I’ll make a website which will contain the code of almost every other program. Or at least those codes which are useful for university or graduation students so as to save their precious time.

This website is mainly dedicated to Software Engineering students who want to get good GPA in their universities but they don’t have time to complete their projects. Due to a lack of tune, these students can’t complete their projects in spite of knowing how to do it. For the sake of such students, we have designed this website. I've posted so many codes of programs to help the students. I try my best to provide the solution for almost all codes and projects. If you have any project or tutorial which can help other students then share it with me because sharing is what you call caring. If you have any problems then feel free to ask me.

About Author

Md Mohsin graduated from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India in Computer Science & Technology in 2013. After that he completed his android application training from Selecome Technology, Noida and then he joined 3aworld company in Noida. During which He has made three android applications:

1. Namaz Guide

2. Amit Handa

3. Jmi Spi Converter

Currently, working in App India company, New Delhi, India. Download his latest android applications/game which is launched in January-2016.

4. Helper Plus

5. Master in Android

6. Life in Five

Contributions and Special Thanks

I am deeply indebted to the contributions made by my friends Especially +Aashisha Chakraborty, +Avi Dhall and +MD Naseem Ashraf.

My sincere thanks to +Cool Ayesha and +Attaullah Khan for their help in promotion of this website.
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