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Saturday 20 April 2013

30 HR Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Best and Top 30 Frequently ask Questions-Answers in HR Interview Round...

1.Tell me about yourself. (Mostly asked by HR and Simple and Easy Question)

Good morning/afternoon Sir/madam.

First of all I would like to thank you for giving the opportunity to introduce myself to you.

My name is Md Mohsin(change with your name) & I am from Sherkot, Distt. Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh(Change with your address).

Coming to my family consists 5 members, my father is private employee(or business man), my mother is Home maker and my sister studying intermediate.

Coming to educational qualification, I completed my graduation in computer science stream from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi with an aggregate 78.9%. Completed my intermediate with an aggregate 68.4% in the year 2008 and schooling from DAV school sherkot with 65% in 10th class in the year 2006.

Coming to my hobbies reading books, writing technical stuffs and playing chess; I like to play with kids and watching movies in leisure time.

My Strength is I am self motivator, positive thinker, try to adaptable to any environment and keep smile on my face in any serious situation.

My short and long term goal is to create identity at myself in workplace.

"I am really honest when I see myself. This is the best part of my character am blessed with and which keeps me confident".

Thank you Sir/Madam.

2.Why should I hire you? (Prove you are the best for this job)

Sir, being a fresher I have zero experience and since I can adjust to any working conditions very easily, I will give my 100% to develop this organization by being a part of it. If you give me a chance, I will prove that decision of hiring me was right.

3.What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Never tell weakness which can create a new problematic question)

My strength is.
Hard work.
Positive thinker.
Adoptable with any environment.
Easy to learn anything.

And my weakness is.
I don't feel comfortable till my task will comfort.

4.Why do you want to work at our company? (Tell your craziness about work and company)

Sir! As being a fresher I am going to start my career, I need a platform to utilize my theoretical knowledge in some practical field with my fresh ideas and it will be better if I get a chance to prove myself in some reputed organization like you.

Sir, from the two years of my professional studies I've gained enough theoretical and practical knowledge. And now I need a system to show and develop my skills. I came to know that, rather than many other companies your company offers a larger platform 2 perform, 2 grow, 2 improve knowledge, 2 improve skills etc.

And I strongly believe that my good becomes best under the right leadership of your experienced officials. These are the reasons why I choose your company and it will be a blessing and great opportunity for me if I get a job in your company.

I hope your company will definitely satisfied after hiring me in the job.

5.What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

According to me, two words make a huge difference in themselves.

Confidence: "I can do this job. ".

Over-confidence: "Only I can do this job. ".

The words differ only in one word "ONLY", but this "only" will decide the path of your life either towards promotion or towards demotion.

6.What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work requires time and efforts.

Smart work reduces time and efforts.

7.How do you feel about working nights and weekends? (Say clearly if you are not like to work in night & weekands)

To be honest I would never like to work in night hours. I always complete my task on time. But if any situation arise where my service is required to company, I would always like to assist at any time.

8.Can you work under pressure? (100% yes)

Yes, let me tell you my experience, throughout my engineering, whenever I had exam, I used to complete 1 or most 2 units 3 days before the exam, But at last I used to finish of all the units I had. This indicates as pressure increases concentration increases.

9.Are you willing to relocate or travel? (100% yes)

Yes sir, depending upon the needs and requirements of the company, I will not have any issue with the relocation. I can give my best performance in any location of the world because I love my job and my responsibilities and It would be my pleasure to relocate myself because I will be able to get a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience from different cultures and different kinds of people, which will be beneficial for me as well as for my company also.

10.What are your goals?

My short term goal is to get into a reputed and highly admired company like this and long term ultimately would be to utilize the best of my knowledge for both organizational and personal growth. 

11.What motivates you to do good job?

Self motivation, in my view, plays a vital role in a person's life to achieve his particular goal or to get a particular job. Teachers and your guides can give you motivational lectures for a day or two and you can implement on them for some time. But as the time passes those lectures becomes dim in our mind. So, until or unless we do not motivate our self every time, we cannot achieve our desired goal.

12.What makes you angry? (Never give negative answer, Give answer like Mahatma Gandhi)

 I am actually a calm person. I didn't get anger usually. But when someone cheats me I ll get anger. But I don't wanna express it I just move away for a while get myself adapt to the situation. So that there will be no harm for both that person and me. But I easily forgive that person.

13.Give me an example of your creativity.


According to me creativity involves observing things in a way others don't observe.

Every day I observed people complaining about the fact that lift was very slow to our apartment incharge. He was thinking of increasing the technical specifications of the lift.

I went to him and said to arrange a mirror in the lift.

He did as I said and for his shock there is no single complaint about the lift there after.

He came to me and asked 'how did this worked out?'.

I answered 'people do not care about time in front of the mirror'.

So, According to me creativity in a company like yours is all about utilizing the resources wisely.

14.How long would you expect to work for us if hired? (Never give answer 2 years or 5 years and don't tell that i'll do MBA or anything after getting experience here)

I will work with this company as long as my presence benefits both the company and mine in parallel. So that company gains good results and I can be in a position to improve my skills.

15.Are not you overqualified for this position? (100% No)

Well, I think I am not a over qualified but I am enough qualified for the job in your company. And I am not in a position that allows me to judge my qualification, I believe it is yours sir.

16.Describe your ideal company, location and job.

My ideal company is a company which gives me job security, appraisals for my dedication to work and a platform to update my knowledge with modern trends.

The location, where people are cooperative, that is my ideal location and the job which gives me self satisfaction is my ideal job.

17.What are your career options right now?

Right now I want to be placed in reputed company like yours which can provide me global platform and to enhance my professional skills.

18.Explain how would be an asset to this organization?

Sir, the discipline, dedication and determination are the asset that the employee must have to grow himself as well as his company & I'm one of them how have these qualities.

19.What are your outside interests? (Never say i don't like anything outside)

My outside interests are photography, travelling, cooking. I don't like sitting idle at all, so I keep myself busy in one or the other activity.

20.Would you lie for the company? (Yes)


It depends on the situation. Usually I do not prefer to lie because getting success based on lie would never be call success. But if my lie is for the benefit of the company and I know that majority of people would not get affected with this then I can lie.

21.Who has inspired you in your life and why?

There are many things in life which inspired me. They are my mistakes, great personalities. The important and most provoking inspiration is the hard work done by my parents to raise me till this stage which I feel is the greatest motivation factor in my life.

22.What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?

My toughest decision is whether to choose higher studies for search for a job. I chosen job because getting trained is better than educated.

23.Have you considered starting your own business? (100% No)

No sir, I do not have any planning to start my own business. I just want to make my career in reputable organization. I will consider this organization as my own organization. I will work here with full dedication. My focus is on improving my performance and advance career in growth of the company.

24.How do you define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

Sir I Think,

Definition Of Success :- Success Is When Your Signature Is Turn Into An Autograph.

Measurement of success :- Success Flow Like A Water Through A Road Of Rocks.

25.If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work? (100% yes)

I won't leave because money will not teach anything but our company will teach how to earn more than $10 million money. So I will continue my work.

26.Tell me something about our company.

It is a very good company. Your company give opportunity to the employees to prove their talent and allow them to show their creativity and face the challenges. You are provide good salaries according to their work and employs are full satisfied with your company by providing good facilities.

27.How much salary do you expect? (don't tell amounts like 20000)

Sir, first of all thanks for asking me this question, As a fresher money is not much more important for me. The thing which is important for me is that I want to start my career with such a world known and well reputed company like yours, where I can enhance my skills and knowledge, use my abilities at a fullest and grow along with the company. So there is no issue of salary expectance but since your company is one of the most reputed organizations, I hope the salary you will offer me will be the best in the industry.

28.Where do you see yourself five years from now? (Very good position or Manager of company )

I would like to see as an important member in the organization which gave me an opportunity and platform to improve my skill when I was fresher so that I can continue contributing to the success of the organization.

29.On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer. (Never give 10)

Sir I am not in a position and I am not a right person to rate you. But this is a part of interview, really I am feeling comfortable in front of you so I would like to give 9 out of 10. I deduct one mark because no one is perfect. There is always be a scope to improvement.

30.Do you have any questions for me? (Try to ask one or two question(s) because interview means introduction and you have right to ask question(s) because you are going to work there for 1-5 years not a day)

Yes sir, I would like to ask one question.

In which area I need to improve myself that would help me if I join in your company?


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