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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Java code to check number of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, vowels, spaces & special characters in a String

Java program to display number of Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Numerals, Vowels, Spaces and Special characters contained in a string entered by the user.

class StringInfo
 static String n;
 static int l;
 public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException
 BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
 // Read the String
 System.out.print("Enter a String : ");
 n = br.readLine();
 l = n.length();
 public static void find()
 int a=0,b=0,c=0,d=0,e=0;
 char ch;
 for(int i=0;i<l;i++)
  ch = n.charAt(i);
  if(ch>=65 && ch<=90) // Condition for Uppercase letters
  if(ch>='a' && ch <='z')
  if(ch>='0' && ch<='9')
  if(ch=='A' || ch=='E' || ch=='I' || ch=='O' || ch=='U' ||
  ch=='a' || ch=='e' || ch=='i' || ch=='o' || ch=='u')
  if(ch==' ') // Condition for spaces
 System.out.println("\nNo. of Uppercase letters = " +a);
 System.out.println("\nNo.of Lowercase letters = " +b);
 System.out.println("\nNo. of Numerals = " +c);
 System.out.println("\nNo. of Vowels = " +d);
 System.out.println("\nNo. of Spaces = " +e);
 System.out.println("\nNo. of Special Characters = "+(l-(a+b+c+e)));


1. Start

2. Accept a sentence from the user.

3. Extract each character from the sentence.

4. Check whether the character is in uppercase or lowercase

5. Count the number of digits, special characters and the number of words in the sentence.

6. Print the information.

7. End


String Info in Java

Enter a String : The nvidia 3D Vision costs about $200 !

No. of Uppercase letters = 3

No. of Lowercase letters = 23

No. of Numerals = 4

No. of Vowels = 11

No. of Spaces = 7

No. of Special Characters = 2

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