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Sunday 22 March 2015

Android-Geeks Quiz Result

Coders hub organized Android-Geeks event in Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India on 22th March, 2015. In this event, there were two rounds:-

1. Multiple choice questions
2. Make an useful app

Android-Geeks Quiz Result

I am going to share multiple choice questions with answers here:-

1. To blink a cursor on a particular edit text box when activity starts, we use _____ in EditText.
a) </request>                       b) </focus>
c) </requestfocus>              d) </focusrequest>

2. If we use false value as return in onCreateOptionMenu() than
a) Menu will not create.                  b) Menu will create but not display.
c) Menu will create and display.     d) Method will not be called.

3) To publish an app on Google Play, we need icon size of app
a) 96*96                              b) 216*216
c) 512*512                          d) 1024*1024

4) “Host GPU” option in AVD is for?
a) Lower memory               b) Higher memory
c) Higher processor            d) Higher graphics

5) Sequence of buttons on alert dialog box
a) +ve, neutral, -ve              b) neutral, +ve, -ve
c) -ve, +ve, neutral              d) +ve, -ve, neutral

6) Which layout is deprecated?
a) Linear                              b) Absolute
c) Table                               d) Relative

7) Whcih class's object can contain multiple data types?
a) ArrayList                         b) Hashmap
c) String                               d) Cursor

8) Which android app on Google Play is best for memory management?
a) Helper Plus                      b) 360 Security
c) Clean Master                   d) No one

9) Which method is used to detect hardware key pressed action?
a) onKeyDown(int keycode, KeyEvent event)
b) onKeyPressed(int keycode, KeyEvent event)
c) onKeyUp(int keycode, KeyEvent event)
d) onHardwareKey(int keycode, KeyEvent event)

10) SQLite Doesn't support _______ keyword.
a) join                                 b) group by
c) (a) and (b)                      d) between

11) SharedPreferences can be used in
a) Service                           b) Activity
c) Receiver                         d) All

12) Which one is automatic generated file?
a) AndroidManifest.xml       b)
c) String.xml                       d)

13) Google bought Android Inc. In
a) 2004                                b) 2006
c) 2005                                d) 2003

14) Which is not the version name of Android?
a) Chocolate                        b) Ginger bread
c) Froyo                               d) Honey comb

15) URI extends for?
a) User Resource Identifier     b) Uniform Resource Identifier
c) User Required Identifier     d) Uniform Required Identifier

16) Which method is use to stop the Activity?
a) stop()                                  b) destroy()
c) finish()                               d) end()

17) Suggestion text will appear in auto complete edit after entering _____ letters in edit text box.
a) 2                                         b) 3
c) 4                                         d) 5

18) Which statement is false?
a) Intent can start Service.           b) SharedPreferences stores value as a key.
c) Android use Linux Kernel.        d) VideoView doesn't support Audio file.

19) AndroidManifest.xml file has
a) version name                        b) version code
c) package name                       d) all

20) Which is not the part of activity life cycle?
a) onCreate                               b) onCreateView
c) onDestroy                             d) onRestart

21) Which statement is false?
a) Fragment is the part of an activity.
b) An activity can contain 0 or more fragments.
c) A fragment can exist independently.
d) Fragment life cycle has more state than activity life cycle.

22) Which is not the part of dialog example?
a) Menu                                      b) Date Picker
c) Time Picker                            d) Progress

23) APK doesn't contain
a) res file                                    b) Java file
c) AndroidManifest.xml            d) assets file.

24) SendTextMessage method can send ______ characters at a time.
a) 216                           b) 180
c) 512                           d) 160

25) Android supports which color format?
a) RGB                         b) ARGB
c) RRGGBB                 d) All

26) Which command line is use to zipalign signed apk.
a) zipalign source_file target_file
b) zipalign -v source_file target_file
c) zipalign -v 4 source_file target_file
d) zipalign v -4 source_file target_file

27) Which class's object is use to get address from latitude and longitude?
a) Geocoder                        b) Location
c) LocationManager           d) GoogleMap

28) Android is based on _____ kernel.
a) Window                    b) Mac
c) Hybrid                      d) Linux

29) If we change workshop in Android SDK
a) We need to restart SDK.
b) SDK restart automatically.
c) SDK requires some extra file to run.
d) No one is true from above.

30) What was the main reason for replacing Java VM with Dalvik VM when the project began?
a) JVM ran too slow.
b) JVM was too complicated to configure.
c) JVM was not free.
d) There was not enough memory capability.

Direct to Second Round Question

If you are not able to solve first round multiple questions than share your idea here. Which type of app will you make in second round which can help all people?


Answers of the above questions:-

1. c   2. b    3. c   4. d   5. a   6. b   7. d   8. d   9. a   10. c
11. d   12. b   13. c   14. a   15. b   16. c   17. a   18. d   19. d   20. b
21. c   22. a   23. b   24. d   25. d   26. c   27. a   28. d   29. b  30. c

Winner of this event was Mohd Aquib who made weather app in second round and got certificate & 2500 INR as cash prize from coders hub.  To learn android programming and to get source code of android projects, check list of android tutorials.

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